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The secret of the solution:
find the one who solves it!

Tabletbizz Digital Solution: tablet, mobile and imemrsive (AR / VR / Metaverse) software development

We offer instant, hassle-free tablet, mobile and immersive development (AR / VR / XR) from the idea to the publication stage.

Rapid development and transparency

The TabletBizz Team is developing tablet and mobile applications in a really short period of time. We guarantee our customers full transparency and project tracking throughout the development period. With the tablet and mobile developments, our customers' main goal is to keep their business partners up-to-date through their own communication channel.

Professional competence

Yes, we know you already have a developer or agency you’ve worked with before - but those, who hasn’t really been able to make a lasting solution so far… - well, then, now is the time to switch. Believe me, you won't miss them.

Spectacular results

Our developments work in practice, generate real RoI (Return of Investment) and you can even brag about them to your competitiors…

What are your goals with this development?

If you are starting now and are not an expert, we will be happy to do guide you through every single stage of the process from design to implementation.

  • Desktop PC
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • TabletBizz Digital Solution immersive (AR/VR/XR) tablet and imemrsive software development

    All immersive technological developments in one place!
    It are happy to delevop you the software you imagined. Most of our software development starts with having a good idea that should be implemented. No need to overcomplicate it: there is a creative problem that should be solved. We promise we will develop what you have imagined, and you will surely use and love the product.

    We say this because we are really talking to our customers ,
    and this way we know exactly what they need.


    The TabletBizz Team is a team that is not only a professional in development
    and an experienced agency,
    but also a collaborative partner who:


    Wireframe within days

    Working prototype for testing purposes

    Accurate delivery deadlines

    Quickly managing emerging changes

    No objections, you will just get your quality code

    Dedicated and world-class development work

    Its programmers adhere to all professional standards

    They work in a targeted development environment as a team

    Innovators, curious and use new technologies

    Professional development is considered paramount

    It applies a transparent pricing model

    It only installs the necessary functions

    It handles any change requests in a flexible way

    Keeps the schedule when newer versions are published

    They can also develope based on Agile and Waterfall methods

    Available directly by phone or email

    Willing to consult on the spot

    Always have an expert available:

    "Looks like you need a mobile software developer. How can I help you?"

    Contacts us now for free!

    All inquiries received are of high importance to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Please contact us so we can start working on your new project together!

    Presentation of our most successful projects

    Now let's see the development process:

    Make a project schedule. This follows the development from the beginning to the end.


    Define the project in an objective way

    What do you want the software to do and how will it work. Write down all the characteristics.


    Take into account the experts’ experience

    Does the team you entrust with the development have the right experience: Do they fully understand and apply mobile technologies, including all platforms.


    Decide on how the development process should take place

    The development process is flexible. You need a method that fits the task at hand and the development team.


    Customer-friendly, transparent pricing

    Never feel out of control over costs. Choose a method and accounting method that provides long-term cost and project oversight and transparency.

    Who we are and what we do:

    We at TabletBizz Digital Solution specialize in creating immersive developments (AR / VR / XR), web-based or native mobile applications, our own cloud systems (TabletBizz Cloud System) and completely custom applications for businesses of all sizes, on all platforms. and in all industries.
    Our strength is that we are not just professionals working together, but a team of experts who have combined their professional experience, technological knowledge and business sense to develop innovative digital solutions that respond to the real business challenges our customers face on a day to day basis. We take the time to understand our customers ’problems and develop personalized, digital solutions for them. We consider it an exciting challenge to create something new and original from the ideas imagined by our clients, which they can be proud of, and we also proudly add our name to it.

    Brutal short execution time

    Being a small company, it has tangible benefits. Our developers have the ability to change the user experience or a concept even in the last development cycle. Not in weeks. Developers can then build a new prototype to get it up and running as quickly as possible before it is released. This is our trademark…

    Contacts us now for free!

    All inquiries received are of high importance to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Please contact us so we can start working on your new project together!

    Strict quality control.

    There was a time when many developers submitted semi-finished products to the App Store, saying we’ll fix it with an update. This attitude has never given birth to a real quality product. There are plenty of brilliant, world-saving ideas. The difference is almost always in the implementation. There is no method nor a genius developer who can write the perfect code at first, no matter how hard we try to encourage it. Instead, we have plenty of coffee in our bag, even more energy drinks, and years of professional experience and practice, so that if there is any problem, we can react and solve them immediately.

    Incredibly flexible development process


    "What? Really?" ask our customers. Of course we can do it. Project requests, modifications, we can’t be surprised by anything, we’re part of the whole development process and we’re asapting into it too. We have ingenious project managers who organize and build the processes according to the requirements of the project. If the requests go too far and jeopardize the deadline, we will find a solution too.

    Know about it, find out about it, understand it and apply it!

    DevOps is a guarantee of high quality developments.

    What is DevOps? - A tool? Methodology? A point of view?

    DevOps is actually a movement that involves several tools and methods. In short, it can also be called as the “culture of cooperation”. Its aim is to focus on continuous collaboration and feedback instead of the classic, intermittent waterfall model, in which each participant cares only on the associated phase. DevOps results in faster, more flexible work and continuous value creation for customers.

    With the DevOps approach, previously isolated roles, such as development, operations, quality management, or IT security, will work together to respond more effectively to market and customer needs and create better, more reliable products.

    DevOps is a practice based on close collaboration between software developers and software operators. It combines software development and operation, making work faster and more efficient.

    When using the DevOps practice, the developer finds in his day-to-day work that he needs to interact more often with the team members. It is the responsibility of the developer to take proactive action against problems and bugs in the development process as well as in the product.

    Take a look at our professional presentations!

    How a DevOps process looks like?

    What are the benefits of DevOps?

  • Faster access to the market
  • More adaptive operation
  • A more stable, reliable system
  • Reduction of costs
  • Faster, more efficient flow of information
  • More transparent process for the stakeholders as well
  • Improved documentation and traceability
  • Availability of zero-downtime updates
  • Scalable and automated processes
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